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Glaslyn Lake Circuit

I spent Monday evening planning on OS Maps a 10km circular route that would give the dogs and I a good run and a bit of a challenge with some hills. The route was following marked footpaths and started on Glyndwr's Way. I was keen to follow some of this as planning on following it on Sunday for a 35km.

All started well enjoying the snow on the top of the Dylife Mountain road. We parked in the lay-by, locked the car and set off making sure the gate was closed behind me.

Running down the track I felt so lucky that we have this amazing scenery on our doorstep and headed off following the route on my phone. Bearing right we headed up a lovely grass track across Creigiau Esgairfochnant and then hit a slate trail that headed down steeply. I'm lacking in confidence with downhills especially steep hills but kept Guns attached as didn't know where we going etc. Next time I'll know and will let him off so I can make my way solo (and more confidently!!)

A lovely wide grass path bought us further down the hill hopping over a quick stream where the dogs had a drink. We popped out at a farm having made our way through gates etc that thankfully opened easily!! Turning left away from Glyndwr's Way we followed a muddy track through some fields and spotted a very newly hatched lamb!!!

First slip over!! It was super slippy and Guns spotted the water of the ford and was route direct!!! A quick wash off and shake up and we headed off up the hill. I could see it was going to be a tough pull as could see the path heading upwards through the grass field towards the fence. Stiles are hideous!!! I had to encourage Guns and Millie to scoot right down and crawl under the wire fence as i always worry about hurting them if i try and lift over stiles etc. We stuck to the footpath and worked our way up and up but it was really tough going with gorse bushes blocking the pathway. The dogs were great and very trusting but sticking to the map we kept going up. And then we got STUCK!!

Initially I thought we could work our way back the way we came but I couldn't see the path at all. I could see to my left a tracked road but it was such a long way down. I called Ant in a bit of a state explaining that I'd lost the path and couldn't get up or down!! He was a superstar and after I sent my w3w location he said he'd drive out to us. We started trying to head down towards the track as I naively thought he would be bought to that area by w3w. What actually happened was it took him up to where I had originally parked and he was heading towards me across the other side of the hill (not quite a mountain as it's 500 metres above sea level and not the required 600 to make it a mountain!!) We were lucky enough to have phone signal and it made me realise that I would have had a real panic if I hadn't been able to get hold of him. We spoke again and i said i couldnt get over the top as it was crazy thick gorse and was very painful to get through and I was going to head towards the track as I knew having seen the farmer with the sheepdog and quad that it was accessible. I sent my W3W and WhatsApp location and knew he was on his way to rescue us!!! Having had to climb over a barbed wire fence (that was fun - not!!) and once again persuading the dogs to scramble under the wire we worked through a field of "baby's heads" which made me think of mogul skiing!! Guns thought it was great fun as he was jumping them all!! We found a gate very tightly tied with baler twine but got through it and there it was!! A deep (just below knee) ford and all I could think was "stand in there and let your legs recover" They were shredded after pushing through about 100 metres of waist height gorse and then brambles. The dogs were amazing and so trusting just letting me push it down with my feet and then working our way over it - freakin hideous!!! A brisk walk up a gorse free (thank goodness!!) track got us to the top of the hill and then we headed towards Rhosygarreg where I hoped Ant would meet us. All of a sudden I heard a car horn and then a message came through saying "can you hear the car horn?" and there he was!!!

Guns and Millie looked more excited that I was to be rescued as crazy mum had dragged them through prickles and spiky stuff for ever!!!!

Moral of the story..... dont trust marked footpaths to be accessible!!!!!!

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